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Adult Coaching

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Here at Attitude Swim Coaching we tailor you session to suit individual needs. Whether you are looking for weekly coaching session leading to an event or just looking to work on improving your technique. Swimming should feel smooth I can help you identify bad habits, I will pass on the technical knowledge to help you understand each aspect of your stroke, providing you with feedback along the way so that you know how to improve.

Available sessions:

1:1 coaching (bring a friend and make it 2:1) - 0ne hour duration

Mini coaching - 30 minutes

Front crawl Improver - group coaching session 6 week workshop

Breaststroke to front crawl - group coaching session 6 week workshop 

Master class - 2 hour session with focus speed and efficiency, stamina or technique

Event preparation - have you booked to do a swim challenge, book this 6 week course to ensure you meet your expectations.

This improvers course is a solid grounding for anyone making a transition towards events or longer swims or to improve techniques.The small group of six lent itself for great tuition and fostering a group ethos in swimming.
Highly recommended and helpful
Person centred programme

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