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Annie Coniston E2E

Annie Kendrick

I have always been involved in water activities whether swimming or paddlesports. I was fortunate to then seek a second career working in the outdoors and gained many NGB qualifications. 

In 2015 I took part in my first open water swimming event, and this developed into a passion for open water coaching qualified with both SE and STA and sharing my vast experience with others and expanding into swim hikes and canoe swims. I myself achieved Coniston end to end swim 2020. In 2019 I completed my first quadrathon at the Diva Deva event. In 2021 I swam Ullswater E2E which I found to be a tough swim 7.5 miles, there are still lots I want to achieve.

I have been fortunate to coach some great athletes.  I have coached a gentleman who achieved both Coniston and Windermere end to end swims. I have also been technical advisor for television advertising involving open water swimming.


BA Hons Outdoor Leadership

ASA L2 Swimming teacher

SE L2 Open Water Coach

STA L2 Open Water Coach


OW Lifeguard

RLSS National Water Safety Management


L3 Education & Training

MLTE Walking Group Leader, Hill & Moorland Leader

Nuco Tutor Outdoor First Aid & Emergency Outdoor First Aid

Nuco Tutor Safeguarding L1 & L3

STA Aquatic Tutor

UKCC L2 canoe and kayak coach

BCU L3 Kayak coach

BC MWE Canoe

BC FSRT Provider



Nicola Dixon

I have always been very keen on outdoor activities from my teens and until I had children, my weekend hobbies included climbing, wild camping, mountain biking and even husky racing.

My focus has been completely on the subject of photography and art over the last ten years. I then began to wild swim during lockdown and this newly found interest became the focus and passion also within my creative profession. The final year of my MA in photography was dedicated to my own swimming journey. 


I have become fascinated with the benefits of outdoor cold water swimming both physically and mentally and continue to research and photograph in this area. I have completed my second winter of swimming a few times a week with like minded people , most of which I met at Wyresdale and my interest has only deepened. 

To be welcomed as part of the team at Attitude Swim at Wyresdale is very rewarding and so far I have attained certification of RLSS - National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP) and NUCO - Emergency Outdoor First Aid all of which is in preparation for my employment. 

 Our   Environmental   Policy

The future is ours to protect

Here at Attitude Swim Coaching we are doing our part to help protect the environment, it is essential to our business because the outdoors is our office, our day to day work place, we want to ensure that it is there for future generations to come.

As a business our impact on the environment is via carbon emissions  mostly my having to travel to locations to swim & work. So we aim to offset this in 2023 every month 5 lucky clients will receive a e-certificate that we have planted a tree in their name. Each sapling costs £5. This is going to be a new project for us so as more information evolves I will keep you informed. We aim to replace our company vehicle with a hybrid / electric in the next year or two.

Tree Hugger

Insurance Documents

Protectivity Ins - Open Water Swimming / Coaching / guided trips etc

Proof of Cover
Statement of Fact

British Canoeing - Paddlesports

BC PL - Hiscox
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